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"Dixie," the famous southern anthem, was actually written by a northerner, Dan Emmett.

Cheddar cheese isn't naturally orange. Natural cheddar is white.

There's no such thing as a "fire truck." There are ladder trucks, tankers, tower trucks, rescue trucks and engines—but no fire trucks.

Escalators weren't always called that. Originally, they were known as "inclined elevators."

Killer whales are not whales. They are dolphins.

Cracker Jacks didn’t always have a prize inside. The treat hit the market in 1872, but the prize didn't come about until 1912.

Fortune cookies weren't invented in China. They were invented in the United States—as were egg foo young, chow mein and chop suey.

Penicillin doesn't kill bacteria. Technically, it keeps it from reproducing.

Despite what we might see in the movies, tomahawks were almost never thrown.

Might be difficult to believe, but Los Angeles isn't further west than Reno, Nevada—the opposite is true.

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