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crop-dribble3.jpg (33291 bytes)The Bible tells the story of the first man, Adam, but even if the story is true that was not his given name. The word "adham" in Hebrew means "man." It is meant to be a generic, not specific, name.

Don't be the last person on Earth to believe Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag—it's not true. That misconception was created and perpetuated by her grandson William J. Canby.

It's not commonly known, but it is possible to drown and not die. Technically the term "drowning" refers to the process of taking water into the lungs, not to death caused by that process.

Leprosy isn't only an affliction of humans. Armadillos can get it, too.

Almonds aren't a member of the nut family—they're a member of the peach family.

Not all milk curdles when boiled, despite what you might think. Camel's milk doesn't.

Men didn't always get top billing in Hollywood. In 1920, 57 percent of Hollywood movies billed the female star above the leading man. In 1990, only 18 percent had the leading lady given top billing.

It's not true that Gilligan (of Gilligan's Island) only had one name. His first name was Willy. Also, the Skipper's name wasn't Skipper, of course. The Skipper's real name was Jonas Grumby. The Professor's real name was Roy Hinkley. Mary Ann's last name was Summers.

Brazil got its name from the nut, not the other way around.

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