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Wet sand actually weighs less than dry sand.

There is no mention in the Bible's story of the Nativity that there were three wise men. Also, the wise men—however many there may have been—mentioned in the story didn't find Jesus in a manger. Matthew clearly states "they were come unto the house [inn]." It was the shepherds who are said to have found Jesus in a manger.

Betty Crocker was not a real person. She was invented in the 1920s by a PR guy.

Birds don't fly by flapping their wings up and down as is popularly held. Their wings actually move forward and backward, in the shape of a figure eight.

Unlike the myth perpetuated in Hollywood movies, Romans didn't give the thumbs up or thumbs down sign as an indication of whether they wanted a gladiator to live or die. If they wanted someone killed, they'd extend their thumb with fist clenched. If they wanted to spare someone, the clenched their thumbs in their fists, not showing them at all.

There's no proof the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 as the story goes. That story wasn't told until 1741, told by a Pilgrim descendent born 26 years after the supposed event.

Most people think that when you snap your fingers, it's the thumb and finger separating that makes the noise. Actually, it’s the finger hitting against the heel of the thumb.

Four-leaf clovers may still be seen as lucky, but they are no longer considered "rare."

Most people erroneously believe that the tulip is of Dutch origin. Actually, it originated in Central Asia.

It may come as a surprise, but despite the widespread belief otherwise, more people attend professional opera performances than attend pro football games. Truth is, ticket buyers spend about twice as much on the arts than on sports.

There wasn’t just one television Lassie, and none of the Lassies was female. The part was played by a series of male dogs.

Many believe the chopstick is a more primitive way of eating than the practice of using silverware. Actually, the Chinese once used metal utensils, specifically the knife, but felt using chopsticks "elevated man to a more civilized plane."

The majority of the world's oil does not come from the Middle East, as is commonly believed.

Oil that comes out of the ground isn't black. It's dark green.

Sex, or lack thereof, has no relationship to outbreaks of acne.

Identical twins aren’t. For example, they do have different fingerprints.

There is no evidence that Lady Godiva ever rode through the Coventry naked. Accounts of the alleged event date from decades after the purported incident.

Contrary to what you may have heard, whole milk is not good for an ulcer. The fat content can irritate it. Skim milk is OK, however.

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