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The Godfather, Part II is often cited as the only sequel to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Not true. Silence of the Lambs (sequel to Manhunter) shares that distinction.

Walt Disney's autograph bears no resemblance to the famous Disney logo.

The widely held idea that lions and tigers live in Africa is untrue. Only lions live in Africatigers don’t. Their ranges do not overlap.

Despite what you might think, the sacrificial virgins in ancient cultures weren’t forced to kill themselves. They were volunteers. (In fact, it was considered an honor to serve in that capacity.)

Most Americans erroneously believe that foreign aid is a significant part of the U.S. budget. Actually, it represents less that one percent of the budget, and most of that is spent within America's borders (due to a law that requires aid be spent with U.S. companies if possible).

Julius Caesar wasn’t an emperor of Rome, though most people would say otherwise. There were no emperors until after his death in 44 B.C.

English muffins aren’t English.

Danishes aren’t Danish.

Despite what you might see in movies and on TV, dinosaurs and humans didn’t co-exist. The death of the last dinosaur and the appearance of the first "human" (genus homo) were separated by about 62 million years.

The Canary Islands weren’t named after the bird. That name is derived from the original name, insulae canariae, meaning "island of dogs" which referred to the wild dogs that inhabited the islands.

Hitler didn’t snub Olympian Jesse Owens when he won four gold medals in 1936. Owens was critical of writers who claimed Hitler snubbed him. Owens said that when he passed the German leader, Hitler stood and waved. Owens waved back.

The monkey wrench has nothing to do with primates. The distinctive wrench got its name from its inventor, Charles Moncky.

Roasted peanuts aren’t roasted. They are boiled in oil.

The Arctic isn’t always cold, though you might suspect that’s the case. Summer temperatures in the Arctic Circle can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chinese checkers—the game played with marbles and a star-shaped board—didn’t come from China. It’s a modern version of an English game called Halma.

The word "forte," as in someone's strong suit, isn't pronounced "for-tay." It's pronounced "fort." (Unless, of course, you're talking about the musical term, pronounced "for-tay," meaning "loudly.")

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