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The Emmy award isn’t named after a person. Emmy is a variation of Immy, a nickname for the image orthicon tube (and early TV camera tube).

Young people are robbed more often than older people. Who knew?

The Titanic wasn’t a British ship. The English operated it, but it was owned by the International Mercantile Marine Co., controlled by U.S. magnate J.P. Morgan.

The Japanese didn’t fire the first shot at Pearl Harbor. Just before sunrise on December 7, 1941, the U.S. destroyer Ward located a two-man midget submarine making its way toward Pearl Harbor—the Ward sank it and thus fired the first shot at Pearl Harbor.

Though people think otherwise, there is no law requiring that a justice on the Supreme Court be a lawyer.

Abe Lincoln never slept in the Lincoln Bedroom.

jackass-penguin.jpg (8526 bytes)You might be surprised to learn that not all penguins like cold weather. The Jackass Penguin lives in temperate areas of South Africa.

Mules (the result of breeding a male donkey with a female horse) can’t reproduce. Male mules are born sterile, as are female mules (except in rare cases).

The evening star isn’t a star. That "star" that appears over the western horizon shortly after sunset is actually either Venus or Mercury reflecting the sun’s light.

Film directors don’t yell, "Lights, camera, action!" That phrase hasn’t been used in some time. In the old days, lights were unpredictable and had to be turned off regularly to cool. Now, the phrase is, "Roll sound. Roll camera. Action." (The assistant director says the first two parts. By the way, only the director says, "Action.")

The United States was not founded as a democracy, but rather, as a republic.

It’s not illegal to remove the tag from a mattress. The tag, "Remove under penalty of law," only applies to retailers, not consumers.

Olympic gold medals aren’t gold. They’re gold-plated silver.

That song favored by piano students, Chopsticks, has nothing to do with the Chinese eating utensils. The name comes from the actions of the two fingers when the song is played—like chopping sticks with an axe.

marx-bros.jpg (9861 bytes)The names we know for the Marx brothers weren’t their real names. Their real names were Leonard (Chico), Herbert (Zeppo), Julius (Groucho) and Arthur (Harpo).

The pupil of the eye isn’t black. It’s actually clear. The black we see is the darkness of the inside of the eye.

The laughing jackass isn’t a jackass. It’s a bird, the kookaburra.

Although it’s widely accepted as fact, slaves didn’t build the Egyptian pyramids. In truth, local farmers were drafted into service at certain times of the year when the Nile was flooded (and farming was impossible, anyway). Workers were paid.

The "red" in Moscow’s Red Square has nothing to do with Communism. The square takes its name from the word krasnaya, which translates as both "beautiful" and "red."

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