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Kilts aren’t a Scottish invention, no matter what you might think. They originally came from France.

Coney Island isn’t an island.

Michael J. Fox’s middle name is Andrew.

The Pennsylvania Dutch aren’t Dutch—they’re German.

The silkworm isn’t a worm—it’s a caterpillar.

Picasso wasn’t the artist’s real name. His real name was Pablo Diego Josť Francisco do Paula Juan Nepomuceno Cipriano de la Santissima Trinidad. Picasso was his mother’s name.

Sugarplums, often mentioned around the holidays, aren’t plums. They’re hard candy.

Noon isn’t supposed to be 12 o’clock. Noon comes from the Latin word nona, which means the ninth hour after sunrise (about 3 p.m.).

Most people incorrectly believe bees are solely responsible for fertilizing flowers, but actually flies (60,000 species of them) fertilize 80% of all flowers.

Elephants don’t actually eat peanuts in the wild. They have to be taught to like them.

The sound you hear when you hold a seashell to your ear isn’t coming from the shell. The sound is that of the blood coursing through your ear.

Boston College isn’t in Boston. It’s in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

horned-toad.jpg (14191 bytes)A horned toad isn’t a toad. It’s a lizard.

Two-by-fours don’t measure two inches by four inches. Rather, they're 1 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

Despite what you’ve heard, smokers don’t have "nicotine-stained" fingers. Actually, nicotine is colorless. Tar is the real culprit.

The pineapple has nothing to do with pines or apples. They’re actually a berry.

"We don’t need no stinking badges," was never uttered in the film, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, no matter how often you hear it misquoted that way. The line was, "Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges."

For the Dutch, Rice Krispies don’t "snap, crackle, pop." Instead, it’s "pif, paf, pof."

Karl Marx, the founder of Russian Communism, was never in Russia in his life.

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