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People didn’t refer to Abraham Lincoln as "Abe" during his lifetime—he disliked that name.

Forget what you’ve heard. There’s no scientific proof that cedar chests deter insects.

There is no record of Paul Revere having ever owned a horse.

Contrary to intuition, statistics prove conclusively that the poor are burglarized far more often than the rich.

Model Ts weren’t originally black. They were green at first, but someone noticed that black paint dried faster, so the color was switched.

Electric eels aren’t eels—they’re a fish.

Leonardo di Vinci wasn’t a prolific painter. He painted only 17 paintings during his lifetime, and several of those were unfinished.

The word "Sunday" doesn’t appear in the Bible.

spruce-goose.jpg (13906 bytes)Howard Hughes’ plane the Spruce Goose—the largest plane ever built—was not made of spruce, but rather of birch.

The Capitol building of the U.S. wasn’t designed by an architect. Congress established a contest for someone to design the Capitol in 1793. The winner was Dr. William Thornton, who had no training as an architect.

Kleenex tissues weren’t always called that. When they were first marketed in 1924, they were called "Celluwipes."

During the time of King Henry VIII, knitting was the specialty of men, not women.

Air conditioning wasn’t invented to cool homes or offices. It was invented to control humidity in a printing plant.

Black cats aren’t universally seen as being bad luck. In Japan, if a black cat crosses your path, it’s good luck.

East Chicago isn’t where you might think. It’s a town in Indiana.

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