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Coffee beans aren’t naturally flavorful. They have no taste until they’re roasted.

When we think of Amazons, we often think of buxom women. However, "Amazon" actually means "breastless ones." Greeks believed Amazons removed their right breasts so they could more easily use their bows.

Socrates never wrote down a single word of his teachings.

Despite what many people think, not all Swiss cheese has holes in it.

The first baseball game telecast wasn’t in the U.S., but rather, in Tokyo.

Many mistakenly believe the Gutenberg Bible was the first printed book. However, the Chinese were printing with moveable type centuries earlier.

It’s untrue that the "rings" under our eyes darken. Experts say this effect is actually caused by the rest of the face getting lighter.

Lions are not the king of the jungle. They don’t inhabit jungles. They dwell in the plains.

Nipple piercing isn’t a new phenomenon, of course. It was also popular among ladies in the 1800s.

The idea of using Navajo Indians and their language during WWII to stump Japanese code breakers wasn’t a new one. During WWI, German code breakers were thwarted by Americans using Choctaw Indians to relay orders.

Not everyone in Rome wore togas. Only freeborn men were entitled to wear them.

Footballs are not, nor were they ever, made of pigskin.

Most people believe sperm swims to the egg and fertilizes it. However, new research shows the egg is actually the aggressor. As the sperm wiggle around, the egg is on the hunt—and when the right sperm swims by, the egg tosses out a kind of chemical net and snags it.

It is a fallacy that diamonds are indestructible. They crush easily and also burn.

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