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Many mistakenly believe that California is the most active region for earthquakes. However, Japan has three times the amount of seismic activity.

Despite what many wrongly believe, the Statue of Liberty isn’t on Ellis Island. It’s on Liberty Island.

While some may be surprised to hear it, Americans filed more civil lawsuits per capita in 1830 than they do today.

Nelson wasn’t Mr. Mandela’s real first name—it was Rolihlahla. A schoolteacher renamed him Nelson after Horatio Nelson, a famous British fleet commander.

Cats with white feet should not be called "Boots." They’re referred to as "gloves" by those in the know.

The idea that archaeologists dig up dinosaurs is a misconception. Archaeology only deals with Man and covers the last 3-4 million years. Paleontology deals with all fossils and covers the last 3.5 billion years.

You may be surprised to learn that college football outdraws pro football by more than 2-to-1.

Popeye got it wrong. The misconception that spinach gives a person exceptional strength came about because of a mathematical error. Researchers in the 1890s put a decimal point in the wrong place, giving spinach 10 times more iron than it really contains. As a source of iron, spinach is no better—and no worse—than any other green vegetable.

If you think our brains are larger than those of Neanderthals, you’re wrong.

It’s been widely disseminated that the only real person to be a immortalized as a Pez dispenser was Betsy Ross. Untrue. Daniel Boone and Paul Revere have also been depicted.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t have a middle name.

It’s a myth that life insurance policies won’t pay if the insured commits suicide. All policies have a suicide clause. All they require is that the policy be held for at least two years—if someone commits suicide before then, it’s considered fraud, and payment will be refused.

Despite its hump, a camel has a straight spine.

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