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When puppies lick your face, it's not because they love you.
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Salmonella isn’t named after the fish. It’s named after the pathologist who discovered it, Dr. Daniel E. Salmon.

When puppies lick your face, it’s not because they love you. They are instinctively looking for food scraps.

Lucille Ball wasn't a natural redhead. Originally, she was a brunette.

Despite what you might think, drivers kill more deer than hunters.

"Baby-cut" carrots aren’t baby carrots. They’re actually full-sized ones peeled and polished down to size. (Incidentally, about 25 percent of California’s fresh carrot crop is turned into "babies.")

St. Patrick wasn’t Irish—he was Welsh.

Crickets do not chirp by rubbing their legs together. They rub their wings.

Romaine lettuce didn’t originate in Rome. It got its start on the Greek island of Cos.

The Liberty Bell wasn’t made in the United States. It was made in London in 1752. Another fallacy related to the bell—it wasn’t named for the colonists, but rather, for slaves seeking their freedom. (It wasn’t named the Liberty Bell until the 1830s.)

It is a common misconception that Florence Nightingale spent her life doing nursing—she didn’t. In truth, she spent only performed nursing duties for about three years.

Quaaludes weren’t originally always used as a mood leveler. They were originally developed to fight malaria.

Eskimos do not now, nor have they in the past, lived in igloos. Generally, igloos are used only in cases of emergency.

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