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harpo.jpg (6166 bytes)Harpo Marx was fully capable of speaking.

No witches were burned during the Salem Trials of 1692. All the victims were hanged, except for one man, who was pressed to death with stones.

You might be surprised to learn that there are more pyramids in Mexico than Egypt.

Seinfeld wasn’t Jerry Seinfeld’s first sitcom. He played the governor’s speechwriter on Benson, but was fired after three episodes.

Play-Doh wasn’t originally intended to be a toy. It was created to clean wallpaper.

The Man in the Iron Mask didn't wear an iron mask—it was made of black velvet stiffened with whalebone and fastened behind the head with a padlock or steel springs.

Brides do not walk down the aisle of a church during a wedding. The center section, or passage, of a church is correctly called a "nave."

"Mrs." is not an abbreviation for "missus" as is often believed. "Mrs." is short for "mistress," the feminine form of "mister," which in turn originally meant "master." For obvious reasons, "Mrs." is no longer spelled out.

No sailor would use the term "knots per hour." Knots are a measurement of speed—one nautical mile per hour.

Saturn isn't the only planet in our solar system with a ring. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have ring systems.

You might not think so, but lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.

Not all cats react to catnip. The reaction is inherited—some cats are totally unaffected by it.

Some people mistakenly believe Theodore Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were married. In fact, Theodore Roosevelt was Eleanor Roosevelt's uncle. (Eleanor Roosevelt was married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.)

While it goes against intuition, there's no sand in sandpaper.

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