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Who Is This Guy?

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lilme.jpg (14570 bytes)Welcome to the least popular page at! Who am I? Hey, you asked, so I answer. Time to pull aside the curtain. Time to shove aside the mystique. Time to get the skinny on the dork behind those funny pictures and useless facts.

Cute kid, wasn't I? Something obviously happened along the way. Life, I suppose. A number of decades later and, well, I look like I've "been rode hard and put up wet."

Well, at least I have a cool Web site. See my site statistics here. And the site was even featured on Tech TV. That was a Web site geek's dream come true.

In case you haven't guessed by now, is my labor of love. I do a Web site because I, like a lot of people, think the Web is a great way to be heard. It's a free-for-all for ideas, and I've got more than a few of those.

Some of those ideas are now readily available in my blog. Hey, all the other kids are doing it.

portrait-1.jpg (18180 bytes)My name is Scott Roeben. I'm the Webmaster, CEO and janitor for For close to a decade, I worked at the Writers Guild of America, west, a union for film and television writers. Most recently, I was a writer for, a travel site featuring, you guessed it, Las Vegas, the happiest place on Earth. The site was sold to its competitor, so now I'm just being lazy and finding new and interesting ways to avoid coming up with new material for

I enjoy creative writing. I've written a number of screenplays, stage plays, television spec scripts, a kid's book and lots of notes to myself to remember to buy cookies and dental floss. I had a wildly successful humor column in college. Since then I've written dozens of wildly entertaining humorous essays, some of which can be found on this wildly entertaining site.

If you haven't nodded off by now, it's about time you did. Here are some links that might give some insight into what makes me tick:

square.gif (56 bytes) The Alphabet Club (My social side.)
square.gif (56 bytes) Inspirational Quotes (My philosophical side.)
square.gif (56 bytes) Things That Prove I Live Dangerously (My dangerous side.)
square.gif (56 bytes) Sponsor a Child (My charitable side.)

My immense modesty keeps me from mentioning that I'm an award-winning public speaker and occasional member of Toastmasters International. My old club was

I also dabble in photography. My photos have appeared in various local and national publications. I've had my photographs reprinted in such stellar publications as Daily Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Washington Post and TV Guide.

mecomputr.JPG (37611 bytes)I went to the University of Hawaii. This was nice. Especially the part about not getting an education that was good for anything. I majored in theater, writing, communications and begging for sex. I worked my way through college by working at a pizza restaurant. This is not particularly interesting, but it's significant because it was during this period that swore I'd never again work at a job which required sweating on a regular basis.

I've lived all over. Florida. Virginia. New York. Well, all right, that's not all over. But it's "a few places." All right. I've lived in a few places. Tennessee, too. And San Diego. In New York I worked for then Acting Lieutenant Governor, Warren Anderson. He was a Republican. I have no political leanings, really, unless you consider not liking the work of Candice Bergen or Cybill Shepherd "political leanings."

If you want to know more about me, ask your psychic. She'll tell you that I'm going on a long journey. This is correct. I am at some point. She is very good and you are getting your money's worth. I take back everything I've said about psychics in the past. Except for the part about not liking shawls.

I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail me by clicking here:

Feel free to send trivia, fallacies and other goodies I can use on my site. There's no dough in it for you, but you'll just feel better knowing you helped make the best durned place to go on the entire Web.

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