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Not an actual nose challenged baboon.

(Netherlands, Reuters) - Dutch airport customs officers, alerted by the stench coming from a suitcase, found up to 2,000 baboon noses believed to come from Nigeria and believed to be destined for traditional healing. "Bags were found inside the suitcase containing an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 baboon noses, weighing more than 65 pounds," the Dutch health inspector said. The owner of the suitcase, who has not been identified, had flown from Lagos to Amsterdam, apparently destined for the U.S., but seemed to have abandoned the suitcase at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport for fear of being caught. All the noses have been destroyed. "The baboon noses are suspected to have been destined for consumption or for use in the manufacture of traditional medicines," the statement said.

(Australia) - A horrific firecracker accident which left an Illawarra, Australia man incontinent and unable to have sex has prompted warnings from health authorities. The 26-year-old man suffered a fractured pelvis and severe burns to his genital area after a firecracker exploded between the cheeks of his buttocks. An ambulance was called after reports that the man was hemorrhaging from the buttocks. He is expected to remain in hospital for several months. He now has a colostomy and a catheter, and is sexually dysfunctional. He will be assessed by a colorectal surgeon to determine whether his injuries can be corrected. Emergency surgeon Dr. Robert McCurdie, who operated on the man, likened the man's condition to "a war injury." McCurdie said he believed the man had stumbled while the firecracker was in his buttocks, and fell down on it. "By virtue of the fact that the explosion was confined in an upward direction, it went up into his pelvis, blasted a great hole in the pelvis, ruptured the urethra, injured muscles in the floor of the pelvis which rendered him incontinent. "His pelvis was also fractured," McCurdie said. He said he had never seen a similar injury to the genital area before. "I have seen instances where people have tried to remove items from their rectum and rupture the sphincter muscles, but not anything like this. We do caution people strongly against following these acts," he said.

(Poland, Reuters) - A Polish ostrich farmer is demanding damages from balloonists he says scared one of his birds to death. The farmer says his ostriches panicked at the sight of an approaching hot air balloon. One ran into a building, fatally wounding itself, while another escaped never to be seen again. He is demanding $3,300 in damages from the balloon pilots who landed near the farm during a competition near the central city of Lodz. At a hearing in the district court of Lodz, the farmer said he was able to sell meat from the dead one. Ostrich meat is becoming increasingly popular in the eastern European ex-communist country.

(Arkansas) - A man's skimpy swimsuit was too much, or too little, for Taco Bell workers. Employees at Taco Bell called police when the man walked into the restaurant wearing only a tiny black Speedo swimsuit and a cut-off T-shirt. Caddo Valley Police Chief Hiram Latin said his attire, or lack thereof, was a little too revealing. "He was inappropriately dressed for a restaurant," said Latin. He said the man had left his clothes at a lake. The man faces a $750 fine and possible jail time if convicted of indecent exposure. According to Arkansas law, a person can be charged with indecent exposure if "he knows his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm." Police ticketed the man and took photos of him in the Speedo, for use in court.

(South Korea, Ananova) - Transplanted pubic hair is the latest trend in South Korea, where it is regarded as a sign of fertility. Surgeon Afschin Fatemi, from Unna in Germany, said, "In the West, women try to reduce their genital hair as much as possible, but in Korea the trend is for forestation." He said a mass of pubic hair was considered a sign of fertility, which was why many women were paying as much as $2,600 to have hair transplanted from their heads. Fatemi added, "The structure of head and pubic hair on Asians is quite similar. The implanted hair isn't long and rarely falls out." The operation is conducted under local anaesthetic and bandaging can be removed after just one day.

(Belgium, Reuters) - A Belgian man suspected of murdering his wife 14 years ago has finally been arrested because of his passion for pigeons, police say. Marcel Pirson, who eluded the police after changing his name and moving house, was caught after his picture showed up in a magazine for pigeon fanciers. Police questioned Pirson after his wife was found in December 1989 in the smashed up remains of a car. Investigators at first believed the crash was an accident, but later suspected murder. Pirson was interviewed once but disappeared before he could be questioned again, the police said in a statement on Monday, adding that he had now been charged with the murder.

(Cambodia, AP) - A woman in Cambodia has given herself up to authorities after accidentally killing her husband in a scuffle in which she squeezed his testicles until he fainted, a newspaper reported. Saut Chin, 46, was fed up with physical abuse from her husband when she grabbed his testicles until he passed out in the incident. Fearing that her husband, Ouch Yan, 52, might regain consciousness and start beating her again, Saut Chin tied his neck with a scarf to a bed. The exact cause of Ouch Yan's death was not known. Saut Chin and her husband Ouch Yan, 52, were arguing when the husband then kicked his wife's sexual organ, the reports said. "Hurt badly and fed up, she grabbed her husband's testicles and squeezed them with full strength until he fell unconscious on the spot," said authorities. After discovering that her husband was dead, Saut Chin reported herself to local authorities and asked to be jailed. She said she had not intended to kill her husband "but only to teach him a lesson."

(Russia) - Extreme sports enthusiasts in Russia have been racing down rapids on inflatable dolls. The race was staged on rapids in the Vuoksa River, near St. Petersburg, which are usually used for canoe or catamaran rafting. Pravda reports the participants praised the dolls for "floating wonderfully," being "nice to the touch" and for "not wanting to get married." All the competitors had to wear a helmet and a life jacket. They also had to remain sober and those who were seen drunk were disqualified.

(Spain, AP) - Police in Spain say they've arrested a serial mugger who would apologize after robbing women and ask the women to spit at him. The man was recently arrested in Barcelona. He's suspected of robbing 19 women in a month to pay for his slot-machine addiction. Police say he would corner women in apartment buildings, hold a box cutter to their throat and demand money. And they said afterward, he would tell them he knew he was doing something bad, before telling them to spit on him. A police inspector says some people were only too happy to take him up on it.

(Cambodia) - Cambodian police have detained a self-styled Buddhist guru, notorious for not bathing for 60 years, after he wrote a "strange" letter to King Norodom Sihanouk, a report said. Interior ministry spokesman Chhay Sinarith said 81-year-old Kampuchea Roth was not arrested but was detained for two days while police queried him over the letter that told Sihanouk the key to peace was in resolving border disputes. "We just called him in to ask questions because he wrote something strange," said the spokesman. "We also wanted to know why he didn't wash for 60 years."

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