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Euphemisms for Cunnilingus

For some reason, our list of euphemisms for male masturbation has become wildly popular, so we figured why not put together a charming list of euphemisms for cunnilingus?

(Kids, if you don't know what that word means, you're probably on the wrong Web site.)

Here's our list of phrases that refer to what experts lovingly call "orolabial stimulation." Want to submit your own euphemism? Click here.

Barking at the ape

Bikini burger


Bite the dog-end

Blow some tunes


Box lunch

Box lunch at the Y

Brush one's teeth

Bush dinner

Canyon yodeling

Carpet munching

Chew the she-fat

Chow box

Chow down on Georgia O'Keefe's inspiration

Clam dive

Clam diving

Clam lapping

Connie Lingus

Cunning linguistics

Dine at the Y

Dinner beneath the bridge

Dip the brush

Dive in the bushes

Dive a muff

Dive in the canyon

Do it the French way

Don the beard

Donning the beard

Doormat bashing

Drinking at the fuzzy cup

Drinking from the furry cup

Eat fur pie

Eat hair pie

Eat muff pie

Eat a tuna sandwich

Eat a tuna taco

Eat seafood

Eat squirrel

Eating a kipper pie

Egg McMuff

Face job

Face the nation

Fall in love

Fanny noshing

Feathery flick


Fish dinner

French culture

French job

French kiss Mr. Lincoln

French lessons

Fur burger

Fur pie

Fuzz sandwich


Give a length of tongue

Give face

Go boating

Go for sushi

Go down and do tricks

Go south

Go under the house

Go way down South in Dixie

Gorilla burger

Gorilla in the washing machine

Growl at the badger

Growl at the biter



Hat job

Have a box lunch

Have a mustache

Have a tuna sandwich

Have box lunch

Husband's supper

Kiss somebody's down

Kneel at the altar

Labial titillation

Lapping at the lint trap


Lay the lip

Lick the slit


Licking anchovy

Lingual stimulation

Lingual titillation

Lip reading

Lip service

Lip syncing to the fish-fueled jukebox

Lip work

Make mouth music

Medicate the hairy paper cut

Moustache ride


Muff diving

Muff munching

Mumbling in the moss

Munch the bearded clam

Ocean pinking

One-man band

Parting the fuzz

Pearl diving

Picnic on it

Playing in the sandbox

Pug noshing

Punch in the mouth

Red wings

Sack lunch

Seafood dinner


Sip at the fuzzy cup

Smoking the fur

Sneeze in the basket

Sneeze in the cabbage

Sneeze in the canyon

Speak Low genitalese

Speak in tongues

Swing low

Talking to the canoe driver

Talking to the boat people

Telephone the stomach

Tip the velvet

Tongue bath

Tongue wash

Trimming the hedges

Tuna taco

Velvet buzz saw

Wearing the beard

Whistle in the dark

Whistling in the weeds

Worship at the altar

Yodeling in the gully

Yodeling in the canyon of love

Yodeling up the valley

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