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lip-stick.jpg (12324 bytes)The average woman uses about six pounds of lipstick during her lifetime.

Chocolate represents less than three percent of Nestle's sales.

Another name for your armpit is the "axilla."

Just three percent of mammals are monogamous.

Ferrets sleep for about 20 hours a day.

We are living in the Cenozoic Era.

The Walkman was originally called the Soundabout.

If the average man never shaved, his beard would grow to the length of 27.5 feet.

According to the World Conservation Union, there are more than 11,000 species of plants and animals currently at risk of extinction in the near future.

Alfred Hitchcock never won an Academy Award.

There are no fleas in the Arctic.

About 17 percent of humans are left-handed. The same applies to chimpanzees and gorillas.

Benjamin Franklin invented Daylight Savings Time.

The average escalator moves 120 feet per minute.

The telephone area code for ships travelling in the Atlantic Ocean is 871.

Studies show that women who have a positive attitude toward sex tend to be less achievement oriented.

Hang gliders are banned from national parks in Ethiopia because herds of antelope stampede when they mistake the gliders for giant vultures.

"Aibohphobia" is the fear of palindromes.

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