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By popular demand, it's an ALL SEX installment of trivia...

swallow.jpg (4547 bytes)In the Amazon forests of Brazil and Venezuela, women of the Yanomami believe that for a child to grow strong they need to copulate frequently with many men during pregnancy.

Phagophobia is the fear of swallowing.

Sperm banks keep their donor semen at approximately -321 degrees Fahrenheit.

Teachers are eight times more likely to be infertile than men with any other job.

Twenty-eight percent of men feel they reach sexual climax too quickly.

The Ancient Greeks believed semen was stored in a man's cranium.

Film legend Marlene Dietrich claimed to have slept with John F. Kennedy—when she was 62.

A castrated male reindeer is called a bull.

In a sex study, 45 percent of American men said they prefer to make love with the light on. Only 17 percent of American women prefer it that way.

It took Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette seven years to consummate their marriage.

During the film Don Juan, John Barrymore delivers a grand total of 191 kisses to a variety of different women, at the rate of one every 53 seconds.

gandhi.jpg (6071 bytes)Gandhi slept naked with women in order to test his mastery of celibacy.

Paper was invented early in the second century by a Chinese eunuch.

Dr. James Barry qualified as a doctor, enlisted in the army and became an Inspector-General. It was only at the time of "his" death in 1865 that it was discovered "he" was actually a woman.

Howard Hughes originated the cantilever bra.

Athletic supporters were introduced in 1874 to help bicycle riders as they pedaled over cobblestone roads. The term "jock strap" comes from these early "bicycle jockeys."

Gershon Legman, noted American sexologist, once calculated that there are 14,288,400 possible positions for sexual intercourse.

Members of the Chenchu tribe in India believe that if you conceive a child at night it will be born blind.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the most popular time for sex is 11 p.m.

In the 18th century, another term for anal sex was "navigate the windward passage."

Twenty percent of women who live with their boyfriends have more than one sex partner.

The skin test used to determine immunity or susceptibility to scarlet fever is called the "Dick Test."

The world "fornication" derives from the Latin word fornix, meaning "arch." Roman street prostitutes found lots of customers underneath the arches of the Colosseum.

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