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black-eye.jpg (2702 bytes)A black eye, in medical terminology, is called a "bilateral periorbital hematoma."

About fifty percent of female lawyers are married to other lawyers.

The blood pressure of a healthy human is about the same as a spider’s.

Volleyball is the most popular sport played in American nudist camps.

Nachos is the food most craved by pregnant women.

The word "dude" was coined by Oscar Wilde and his friends. It is a combination of the words "duds" and "attitude."

Most cats do not have eyelashes.

Before surgery, ancient Egyptian doctors put their patients under by hitting them on the head with a mallet.

The maximum federal penalty for "whale harassment" is a $10,000 fine.

The mechanical shark used in the movie Jaws was nicknamed Bruce.

The first and last time the Roadrunner spoke was in the 1951 Bugs Bunny cartoon, Operation: Rabbit.

One out of every three snake bit victims is intoxicated.

The Italian favorite "manicotti" translates as "small muff."

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The Italian favorite "manicotti" translates as "small muff."
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The Pacific island of Nauru’s economy is based almost entirely on bird droppings.

During World War II, it was against the law in Germany to name a horse Adolf.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

The opening act for the 1967 Monkees Summer Tour was Jimi Hendrix.

Klingons don’t have tear ducts.

The size of your foot is approximately the size of your forearm.

Under the law, you need at least three people to constitute a "riot."

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