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Men can read smaller print than women. Women can hear better.

Shirley Temple received 135,000 presents for her eighth birthday.

At any one time there are 1,800 thunderstorms taking place in the world.

Forty percent of dog and cat owners carry pictures of their pets in their wallets.

Ukulele means "jumping flea" in Hawaiian.

The game Simon Says was originally called Do This, Do That.

The Oscars were held twice in 1930. There was no ceremony at all in 1933.

Only six percent of coupons printed are ever redeemed.

More Americans have died in automobile accidents than have died in all the wars ever fought by the United States.

The Egyptians thought it was good luck to enter a house left foot first.

The approximate cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of 11 is $6,400.

On average, we forget 80 percent of what we learn on any given day.

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On average, we forget 80 percent of what we learn on any given day.
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Anyone who felled a hazel or apple tree was sentenced to death in ancient Ireland. Those trees were considered sacred.

The major export of Lichtenstein is false teeth.

Herbert Hoover, the 31st U.S. President, was independently wealthy before entering politics. For his entire 47 years in government, Hoover turned over each of his Federal salary checks to charity.

Mia Farrow was the first person to appear on the cover of People magazine.

One in four compulsive gamblers are women.

Kiwis are the only birds that hunt by smell.

Hallmark makes cards for 105 different familial relationships.

It takes a ton of water to make a pound of refined sugar.

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