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Four percent of American women own no undergarments.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote an operetta about coffee.

Kielbasa is the Polish word for sausage. So, kielbasa sausage literally means "sausage sausage."

The Harvard Library subscribes to 160,000 periodicals.

When a giraffe's baby is born, it falls from a height of six feet—usually without being hurt.

Drivers tend to drive faster when other cars are around.

Bart Simpson is left-handed.

Nearly a quarter of the population of Poland was killed in the Second World War.

Vision requires more brain power than the other four senses.

Experts say that once you file something, there's a 98 percent chance you'll never look at it again.

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Once you file something, there's a 98 percent chance you'll never look at it again.
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More than half of the time spent in U.S. courtrooms involves cases concerning automobiles.

Nearly a quarter of all the bones in the human body can be found in the feet.

Kodak founder George Eastman hated to have his picture taken.

There are more than one million full-time prostitutes working in the Unites States.

Kool-Aid is the official soft drink of the state of Nebraska.

About 70 percent of all organisms in the world are bacteria.

The elephant is the only mammal with four knees.

According to the ancient Chinese, swinging your arms cures headache pain.

Ships can travel faster in cold water than warm.

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