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When George Washington was President, there were about 350 federal employees.

The name of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original draft for the "Star Trek" TV series was the U.S.S. Yorktowne.

Five percent of men and 11 percent of women claim they have never masturbated.

Eighty-five percent of men don't use the front opening in their underwear when they urinate.

Moose intercourse typically lasts about five seconds.

Half the world's population has seen at least one James Bond movie.

The average beard grows five inches a year.

On average, people spend more than five years of their lives dreaming.

There are 49 different kinds of food mentioned in the Bible.

During World War II, it cost the United States $225,000 to kill an enemy soldier.

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In printer's jargon, a "bang" is an exclamation mark.
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In printer's jargon, a "bang" is an exclamation mark.

The typical American is exposed to 1,600 and commercials and advertisements every day.

The average driver will be locked out of their car nine times during their lifetime.

Each weekday, the White House receives 40,000 letters.

In competition, Ping-pong players are prohibited from wearing white shirts—they interfere with the players being able to see the ball.

More than one million condoms are sold each day in the United States.

The average dairy cow produces four times its weight in manure each year.

A teaspoon of neutron star material weighs about 110 million tons.

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