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A group of grasshoppers is called a "cloud."

Strawberries contain about 200 seeds each.

When someone has sexual fantasies about losing a limb, it's referred to as "apotemnophilia."

At least 300,000 people have been killed by volcanoes in the last 500 years.

According to surveys, three percent of Americans clean their pets by showering with them.

Thirty-eight percent of men sleep in a room other than the bedroom at least once a month.

Sharks will continue to attack even when disemboweled.

The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

Japanese researchers have calculated Pi to 1.2411 trillion places.

In the U.S. judicial system, the defense can pay for testimony. The prosecutor can't.

The spots on dice are called "pips."

It's against the law to catch fish with your bare hands in Kansas.

Sixty-eight percent of teenage girls say if they could change just one part of their body, it would be their stomach.

"Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer's real father was killed by a man named Arthur Niles.

Fifty-three percent of American women claim they will not leave the house without makeup on.

The first VCR, made in 1956, was the size of a piano.

The three cities with the highest percentage of counterfeit bills are Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Americans eat an average of 75 bananas a year per person.

Baby seahorses are called "colts."

The world's highest waterfall is Angel Falls in Venezuela. It's 3,212 feet high.

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