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The average person produces about 12,000 gallons of urine over the course of their lifetime.

Bill Gates is a Harvard University dropout.

Anthropologists know of no human society whose children do not play hide and seek.

Nylon was first produced in 1938. It was used in making toothbrush bristles.

Thomas Jefferson was the first person to import vanilla to the United States.

Scientists have performed brain surgery on cockroaches.

"Polyiterophilia" is the inability to have an orgasm with one partner unless first engaging in sex acts with many others.

On a per capita basis, plastic surgery is more popular in Brazil than in any other country.

One million U.S. one-dollar bills weigh exactly one ton.

During the 1905 football season, 18 men were killed in college games in the United States and 159 were permanently injured.

Human adults breathe about 23,000 times a day.

At one time in Cambodia, it was illegal to insult a rice plant.

The word "bishop" once meant "to kill by drowning."

The U.S. produces 19 percent of the world's trash.

A cat can jump five times as high as it is tall.

Nat King Cole was the first African-American with his own network radio show.

India is the world's largest democracy with 620 million voters.

Chronomentrophobia is a fear of clocks.

The most northerly town in England is called Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Thirty percent of Americans say they base how much they eat on how much they're served rather than how hungry they are.

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