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About 215 pairs of jeans can be made from a single bale of cotton.

When Play-Doh was first introduced, in 1956, the only color available was off white.

Unatractiphobia is the fear of ugliness.

Istanbul, Turkey is the only city in the world located on two continents.

In Monopoly, the character that's behind bars is named Jake the Jailbird.

In the original Halloween movie, the mask used by Michael Myers was a Captain Kirk mask painted white.

The pupils of goats are rectangular.

In Logan County, Colorado, it is illegal for a man to kiss a woman while she's asleep.

The job of timber cutter is the most dangerous occupation in America.

Finland has 187,888 lakes.

Popeye the Sailor, Olive Oyl and Wimpy were all based on real people.

In 1897, Bayer began selling heroin as a treatment for a variety of respiratory ailments.

There were 11 tail feathers on the original NBC peacock.

The typical American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper each day.

A chicken's posterior is called the "parson's nose."

There are 28 licensed brothels in Nevada.

Michael J. Fox's middle name is Andrew.

One out of every 12 primary school students in Wales has head lice.

A cat will spend nearly 30 percent of its life grooming itself.

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