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It's estimated that armed citizens kill three times more criminals than police officers do.

The female ants are the ones that do all the work.

There are 132 Hawaiian islands.

America has just about an equal proportion of extroverts (49.3 percent) and introverts (50.7 percent).

Charles Dickens wrote under the pen name Boz.

The expression "hat trick" comes from cricket, where at one time, if a player scored three consecutive wickets, he was awarded a hat.

Bruce Lee was the 1958 Cha-Cha champ of Hong Kong.

It takes 60 seconds for blood to make one complete circuit of the human body.

A male donkey is a jackass. A female is called a jenny.

In France, the U.S. TV drama Law and Order is called New York District.

Fishermen in China train otters to herd fish into their nets.

The most push-ups ever performed in one day was 46,001.

John D. Rockefeller was world's first billionaire.

King Arthur's horse was named Lamri. The word means "the foaming one."

Studies show more women talk to their cars than men do.

The perfect pickle should have seven "warts" per square inch.

The Salvation Army's motto is, "Blood and fire."

One-fifth of all of America's dairy cows are in Wisconsin.

William Shatner shared the first interracial kiss in American television history with Star Trek costar Nichelle Nichols in 1968. The episode was titled "Plato's Stepchildren."

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