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Many actors believe peacock feathers, or even mentioning peacocks, is bad luck.

ecause of their racing metabolisms, hummingbirds are always two hours away from starvation.

Buttered popcorn sells twice as well as plain popcorn at movie theaters.

A "quinquagenarian" is someone in their fifties.

The largest diamond that was ever found was 3,106 carats.

Queen Ranavalona of Madagasgar executed any of her subjects who appeared in her dreams.

The wheelbarrow was invented by the Chinese.

The first president to have a picture taken was John Quincy Adams.

Antarctica is a desert. The average yearly total precipitation is about two inches.

The word "sneaker" was coined by Henry McKinney, an advertising agent for N.W. Ayer & Son.

In 1968, a lightning storm in Lapleau, France, killed all of the black sheep in a flock and left the white sheep unharmed.

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

As a child, Casanova suffered from frequent nosebleeds. The condition was cured by a witch.

The longest recorded duration of a total solar eclipse was 7.5 minutes.

The first song to be performed in outer space was "Happy Birthday."

St. John's Lane in Rome is just 18.9 inches wide.

Just one mourner walked with Mozart's coffin before it was buried in a pauper's grave.

The adjective "metopic" pertains to the forehead.

Mark Twain was almost 50 years old before he learned to ride a bike.

In the Old Testament, Nimrod was famous for being a mighty hunter.

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