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Earthworms have five hearts.

The most frequently performed stage illusion is the "Zig Zag Girl." In this trick, a woman stands in a cabinet and appears to be cut into three pieces.

NORAD stands for North American Air Defense.

Experts claim sex is about 10 times more effective than Valium as a tranquilizer.

Outlaw Butch Cassidy's real name was Robert Leroy Parker. The Sundance Kid's real name was Harry Longabaugh.

A new Tupperware demonstration starts about every two seconds somewhere in the world.

In 1855, dentist Robert Arthur was the first to use gold to fill cavities.

Half of all coffee drinkers drink it black.

The revenue generated from gambling is more than the revenue that comes from movies, cruise ships, recorded music, theme parks, and spectator sports combined.

The rate of quadruplets are one set in every 490,000 births.

On Neptune, a year lasts 165 Earth years.

A person suffering from "polythelia" has three nipples.

Some herons in Japan pick up insects and cast them on the water, luring fish up to be speared by the herons' beaks.

Between 1725 and 1765, the wife of a Russian peasant, Feodor Vassilyev, gave birth to 69 children. Two died in infancy.

It's estimated that 40% of direct mail advertising is thrown away without it being opened.

Studies show 83% of men experience nocturnal emissions.

The smallest book in the Library of Congress is Old King Cole measuring just 1/25 inch by 1/25 inch, or about the size of a period at the end of this sentence.

Robert E. Lee was offered the opportunity to command either side during the Civil War.

The presiding doctor at an execution by hanging is known as a "ligophysician."

The Incas measured time by how long it took a potato to cook.

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