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"The Screen Savers"

We're pretty proud of the fact that on August 26, 2001, was featured as "Site of the Nite" on Tech TV's "The Screen Savers."

tech-tv1.jpg (23961 bytes)Tech TV is a cable network featuring shows about computers and technology.

During the show, host Leo Laporte (far left) did his best to shield the eyes of producer Megan Morrone, a clear indication of the high quality content to be found on

At photo right, Scott Herriott serves as tour guide as a number of pages from were featured on-air.

Among the pages that evoked gales of laughter from the hosts and studio audience were our illustrious "Billboards We'd Like to See" and Leonardo Da Vinci's lost drawings. Also featured was our world-renowned (and world reviled) World's Ugliest Toes Contest. (Actually, our collection of ugly toes may have inspired the eye shielding during the telecast.)

We'd like to thank our new friends at Tech TV for touting our humble little site to a national audience (and for sending over enough traffic to virtually melt our server).

What follow are a few screen shots captured during perhaps the best installment of "The Screen Savers" ever.

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