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We're happier than a teen with his happy parts caught in a milking machine to announce the release of our new book, "'s Twisted Billboards."

Get it today at or at your local Barnes & Noble!

You'll love these funny billboard magnets. In fact, our humor-writing hero Dave Barry said, "These billboards are sick, perverted, gross and tasteless. But in a good way." No wonder Dave won a Pulitzer Prize.

Through the miracle of the Internet, you can order "Twisted Billboards" right now. Just click here!

"Twisted Billboards," published by Running Press, includes 10 magnets featuring some of our most popular billboard parodies, as well as a wildly entertaining, 32-page book which can also serve as a coaster (just don't tell us you used it that way).


"Twisted Billboards" makes a great gift. Give one to your boss, to a sorority sister or your parole officer. You can even give one to your priest. Sure, you'll burn in Hell, but that's why they invented sunscreen!

Note: If you decide to give "Twisted Billboards" to a sorority sister, we request that you send a photo of that sorority sister in a thong to immediately. We're doing some, uh, random demographic sampling as part of the market research for our book. Or something.

Since we started in 1999, more than 20 million people have visited our site. That's a LOT of people bored at work, huh? What started with five funny billboards has somehow become a collection of more than 220. More than likely, you first found when you got a funny billboard via e-mail from a friend or relative.

Yep, those billboards got their start at If we have a claim to fame, this is probably them. Join in the fun, why don't you?

So, stop stalling. Order "Twisted Billboards" today. Supplies are limited! (Not really, but we've seen that phrase a lot in commercials, so we figured we should include it here.)

At $6.95, "Twisted Billboards" is a steal. Stock up for the holidays. Yeah, we hate it when people say that, too, but this is different. It's us.

We'd love to hear from you. Send questions. Send praise. You may even want to send along your vote for a favorite billboard you'd like to see included in our next book. Just drop us a line at

Until next time, enjoy the book and magnets, and keep drinking deeply from the Dribble Glass of Life!

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